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Master of Arts in Religion.


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  • Mara

    [mahr-uh] /ˈmɑr ə/ noun 1. Hindu Mythology. the god of death, sometimes seen as one aspect of a god whose other aspect is Kama, or erotic desire. 2. Buddhism. Satan, who tried to seduce the Buddha at the time of his Enlightenment. noun 1. a burrowing, gray, long-eared and long-legged cavy of the genus Dolichotis, […]

  • Marabi

    /ˌmaˈrɑːbɪ/ noun 1. (South African) a kind of music popular in townships in the 1930s

  • Marabou

    [mar-uh-boo] /ˈmær əˌbu/ noun 1. any of three large storks of the genus Leptoptilus, of Africa or the East Indies, having soft, downy feathers under the wings and tail that are used for making a furlike trimming for women’s hats and garments. 2. one of the feathers. 3. the trimming or material made of the […]

  • Marabout

    [mar-uh-boot, -boo] /ˈmær əˌbut, -ˌbu/ noun 1. Islam. 2. . /ˈmærəˌbuː/ noun 1. a Muslim holy man or hermit of North Africa 2. a shrine of the grave of a marabout

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