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the amount of money in circulation given by M1 plus most private-sector bank deposits and holdings of money-market instruments Also called PSL1

A macro processor for Unix and GCOS which is more flexible than cpp. m4 copies its input to the output, expanding macros which can be either built-in or user-defined. m4 has built-in functions for including files, running Unix commands, doing integer arithmetic, manipulating text in various ways and recursing. m4 can be used either as a front-end to a compiler or as a stand-alone tool.
sendmail’s configuration file (/etc/sendmail.cf) is writen in m4 macros.
There is a GNU m4 v1.1 (ftp://gnu.org/pub/gnu/m4-1.0.tar.Z) by Francois Pinard and a public domain version by Ozan Yigit and Richard A. O’Keefe ok@goanna.cs.rmit.OZ.AU (FTP from any 386BSD, NetBSD or FreeBSD archive). A Macintosh version is here (ftp://nic.switch.ch/pub/software/mac/src/mpw-c/).
See also m3, m5.
[“The M4 Macro Processor”, Kernighan & Ritchie, Jul 1977].


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    symbol 1. the amount of money in circulation given by M4 plus building-society deposits Also called PSL2 Macro processor, a generalisation of M4 by A. Dain, U Cincinnati, 1992. For Unix and DOS. (ftp://thor.exe.u.edu/pub/dain/m5).

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