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[muh-kuh-pah] /mə kəˈpɑ/

a city in and the capital of Amapá, in NE Brazil, at the mouth of the Amazon.
[ah-mah-pah] /ˌɑ mɑˈpɑ/
a federal territory in N Brazil. 51,177 sq. mi. (132,550 sq. km).
Capital: Macapá.
/Portuguese ˌəməˈpɑː/
a state of N Brazil, on the Amazon delta. Capital: Macapá. Pop: 516 511 (2002). Area: 143 716 sq km (55 489 sq miles)
/Portuguese makaˈpa/
a town in NE Brazil, capital of the federal territory of Amapá, on the Canal do Norte of the Amazon delta. Pop: 377 000 (2005 est)


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