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  • Macaroon

    [mak-uh-roon] /ˌmæk əˈrun/ noun 1. a drop cookie made of egg whites, sugar, usually almond paste or coconut, and sometimes a little flour. /ˌmækəˈruːn/ noun 1. a kind of sweet biscuit made of ground almonds, sugar, and egg whites n. 1610s, “small sweet cake consisting largely of ground almonds,” from French macaron (16c.), from dialectal […]

  • MacArthur

    [muh k-ahr-ther, muh-kahr-] /məkˈɑr θər, məˈkɑr-/ noun 1. Douglas, 1880–1964, U.S. general: supreme commander of allied forces in SW Pacific during World War II and of UN forces in Korea 1950–51. /məˈkɑːθə/ noun 1. John. 1767–1834, Australian military officer, pastoralist, and entrepreneur, born in England. He established the breeding of merino sheep in Australia and […]

  • Macartney-rose

    [muh-kahrt-nee] /məˈkɑrt ni/ noun 1. a trailing or climbing evergreen rose, Rosa bracteata, of China, having shiny leaves and large, solitary white flowers.

  • Macassar

    [muh-kas-er] /məˈkæs ər/ noun 1. a former name of . [muh-kas-er] /məˈkæs ər/ noun 1. a former name of . /məˈkæsə/ noun 1. a variant spelling of Makassar /məˈkæsə; -ˈkɑː-/ noun 1. a port in central Indonesia, on SW Sulawesi: an important native port before Portuguese (16th century) and Dutch (17th century) control; capital of […]

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