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[mas-uh-reyt] /ˈmæs əˌreɪt/

verb (used with object), macerated, macerating.
to soften or separate into parts by steeping in a liquid.
to soften or decompose (food) by the action of a solvent.
to cause to grow thin.
verb (used without object), macerated, macerating.
to undergo .
to become thin or emaciated; waste away.
to soften or separate or be softened or separated as a result of soaking
to break up or cause to break up by soaking: macerated peaches
to become or cause to become thin

late 15c., a back-formation from maceration or else from Latin maceratus, past participle of macerare “soften, make soft, soak, steep,” related to maceria “garden wall,” originally “of kneaded clay,” from PIE *mak-ero-, suffixed form of root *mag- “to knead” (cf. Greek magis “kneaded mass, cake,” mageus “one who kneads, baker;” Old Church Slavonic mazo “to anoint, smear;” Breton meza “to knead;” Middle Irish maistir “to churn”), also “to fashion, fit” (cf. make (v.)). Related: Macerated; macerating.

macerate mac·er·ate (mās’ə-rāt’)
v. mac·er·at·ed, mac·er·at·ing, mac·er·ates

A substance prepared or produced by macerating.


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