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[mahsh] /mɑʃ/



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  • Macher

    /ˈmɑxər/ noun 1. an important or influential person: often used ironically

  • Ma-chere

    [ma sher] /ma ˈʃɛr/ French. (referring to a woman or girl) 1. my dear.

  • Maches

    [mahsh] /mɑʃ/ noun 1. .

  • Machete

    [muh-shet-ee, -chet-ee] /məˈʃɛt i, -ˈtʃɛt i/ noun 1. a large heavy knife used especially in Latin-American countries in cutting sugarcane and clearing underbrush and as a weapon. 2. a tarpon, Elops affinis, of the eastern Pacific Ocean, having an elongated, compressed body. /məˈʃɛtɪ; -ˈtʃeɪ-/ noun 1. a broad heavy knife used for cutting or as […]

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