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Arthur, 1863–1947, Welsh novelist and essayist.
Contemporary Examples

These details, Republicans say, prove that Machen will not be able to operate outside the political influence of his bosses.
Attorney General Eric Holder Hangs On Despite Republican Pressure Over Probe Patricia Murphy June 14, 2012

Historical Examples

I have let this last assertion stand as part of the original article, although Mr. Machen writes me that I am in error.
Arthur Machen Vincent Starrett

But what had Machen been doing all those long years between 1885 and 1914?
Arthur Machen Vincent Starrett

Quite as important as what Mr. Machen says is his manner of saying it.
Arthur Machen Vincent Starrett

“There is something sinister in the beauty of Mr. Machen’s book,” he wrote.
Arthur Machen Vincent Starrett

I was in France hearing stories of angelic intervention long before Mr. Machen wrote his delightful yarn.
War and the Weird Forbes Phillips

At this point Mr. Machen places the “key” in our hands and declines further to reveal his secrets.
Arthur Machen Vincent Starrett

Mr. Machen has shown himself an artist in the supernatural, one whom his generation has not been discerning enough to appreciate.
Famous Modern Ghost Stories Various

Machen Place lies at the commencement of the vale, under the hanging groves of Rupara.
Curiousities of Great Britain: England and Wales Delineated Vol. 1 Thomas Dugdale

More than Hawthorne or Tolstoy, Machen is a novelist of the soul.
Arthur Machen Vincent Starrett


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