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  • Mackerel-shark

    noun 1. any of several fierce sharks of the family Lamidae, including the great white shark and the mako. noun 1. another name for porbeagle

  • Mackerel-sky

    noun 1. an extensive group of cirrocumulus or altocumulus clouds, especially when well-marked in their arrangement: so called because of a resemblance to the scales on a mackerel. noun 1. a sky patterned with cirrocumulus or small altocumulus clouds

  • Mackerras

    /məˈkɛrəs/ noun 1. Charles. 1925–2010, Australian conductor, esp of opera; resident in England

  • Mackinac

    [mak-uh-naw] /ˈmæk əˌnɔ/ noun 1. Straits of, a strait between the peninsulas of Upper Michigan and Lower Michigan, connecting lakes Huron and Michigan. 2. Also, Mackinac Island. an island in Lake Huron at the entrance of this strait. 517; 3 miles (5 km) long. /ˈmækɪˌnɔː; -ˌnæk/ noun 1. a wooded island in N Michigan, in […]

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