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macrogametocyte mac·ro·ga·me·to·cyte (māk’rō-gə-mē’tə-sīt’)
The female gametocyte or mother cell that produces a macrogamete.


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  • Macrogenitosomia

    macrogenitosomia mac·ro·gen·i·to·so·mi·a (māk’rō-jěn’ĭ-tə-sō’mē-ə) n. Excessive bodily and genital development.

  • Macrogenitosomia precox

    macrogenitosomia precox macrogenitosomia pre·cox (prē’kŏks’) n. A disorder in which gonadal maturation and the growth spurt in height typical of adolescence occur in the first decade of life.

  • Macrogeography

    noun an approach to human geography that examines large-scale patterns in spatial distribution of observed phenomena Word Origin macro- ‘large size’ + geography

  • Macroglia

    /ˌmækrəʊˈɡlɪə/ noun 1. one of the two types of non-nervous tissue (glia) found in the central nervous system: includes astrocytes Compare microglia macroglia ma·crog·li·a (mā-krŏg’lē-ə) n. See astrocyte.

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