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macrosomia mac·ro·so·mi·a (māk’rə-sō’mē-ə)
Abnormally large size of the body.


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  • Macrosporangium

    [mak-roh-spuh-ran-jee-uh m] /ˌmæk roʊ spəˈræn dʒi əm/ noun, plural macrosporangia [-jee-uh] /-dʒi ə/ (Show IPA). Botany. 1. . /ˌmækrəʊspɔːˈrændʒɪəm/ noun (pl) -gia (-dʒɪə) 1. another name for megasporangium

  • Macrospore

    [mak-ruh-spawr, -spohr] /ˈmæk rəˌspɔr, -ˌspoʊr/ noun, Botany. 1. . /ˈmækrəʊˌspɔː/ noun 1. another name for megaspore (sense 1) n. 1859, from macro- + spore (n.).

  • Macrostomia

    macrostomia mac·ro·sto·mi·a (māk’rə-stō’mē-ə) n. Abnormal largeness of the mouth.

  • Macrostructure

    [mak-roh-struhk-cher] /ˈmæk roʊˌstrʌk tʃər/ noun 1. the gross of a metal, as made visible to the naked eye by deep etching. 2. an overall organizational scheme, as of a complex piece of writing. 3. any overall , as a gross anatomical part.

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