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Macular area

macular area n.
The portion of the retina used for central vision.


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  • Macular-degeneration

    noun, Ophthalmology. 1. degeneration of the central portion of the retina, resulting in a loss of sharp vision. noun 1. pathological changes in the macula lutea, resulting in loss of central vision: a common cause of blindness in the elderly macular degeneration n. Degeneration of the macula lutea characterized by spots of pigmentation and causing […]

  • Macula retinae

    macula retinae macula ret·i·nae (rět’n-ē’) n. See macula lutea.

  • Macular leprosy

    macular leprosy n. Tuberculoid leprosy characterized by lesions that are small, hairless, and dry and that appear erythematous in light skin and hypopigmented or copper-colored in dark skin.

  • Macula sacculi

    macula sacculi macula sac·cu·li (sāk’yə-lī’) n. The oval sensory area in the anterior wall of the saccule of the ear where the saccular nerve filaments are attached.

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