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[mak-yuh-ley-shuh n] /ˌmæk yəˈleɪ ʃən/

the act of spotting.
a spotted condition.
a marking of spots, as on an animal.
a disfiguring spot or stain.
a pattern of spots, as on certain animals and plants
(archaic) the act of maculating or the state of being maculated

mid-15c., from Latin maculationem (nominative maculatio), noun of action from past participle stem of maculare (see maculate).


Read Also:

  • Macula utriculi

    macula utriculi macula u·tric·u·li (yōō-trĭk’yə-lī’) n. The area in the lower wall of the utricle of the ear where the utricular nerve filments are attached.

  • Macule

    [mak-yool] /ˈmæk yul/ noun 1. . 2. . verb (used with or without object), maculed, maculing. 3. . /ˈmækjuːl/ noun 1. (anatomy) another name for macula 2. (printing) another name for mackle1 n. “blemish, spot,” late 15c., from Latin macula (see macula), perhaps via French macule. macule mac·ule (māk’yōōl’) n. Variant of macula.

  • Maculocerebral

    maculocerebral mac·u·lo·cer·e·bral (māk’yə-lō-sěr’ə-brəl, -sə-rē’-) adj. Of or relating to a nervous disease that is characterized by degenerative lesions in both the retina and the brain.

  • Maculopapular erythroderma

    maculopapular erythroderma n. A skin condition characterized by the appearance of reddish maculas and papules.

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