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[mah-der-naw] /mɑˈdɛr nɔ/

[kahr-law] /ˈkɑr lɔ/ (Show IPA), 1556–1629, Italian architect.


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  • Madero

    [mah-th e-raw] /mɑˈðɛ rɔ/ noun 1. Francisco Indalecio [frahn-sees-kaw een-dah-le-syaw] /frɑnˈsis kɔ ˌin dɑˈlɛ syɔ/ (Show IPA), 1873–1913, Mexican revolutionary and political leader: president 1911–13.

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    [meyd-too-awr-der, -tuh-] /ˈmeɪd tuˈɔr dər, -tə-/ adjective 1. made in accordance with an individual’s specifications or requirements: a made-to-order suit. Compare . 2. perfectly suited.

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