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a street in New York City that is a center of the advertising and public relations industries and that has become a symbol of their attitudes, methods, and practices.
a street in New York City: a centre of American advertising and public-relations firms and a symbol of their attitudes and methods

“values and business of advertising and public relations,” 1954, from the street in Manhattan, laid out c.1836 and named for U.S. President James Madison. The concentration of advertising agencies there seems to date from the 1940s.

A street in Manhattan on which many advertising and public relations firms have offices.

Note: The name of the street is often used to refer to the high-pressure techniques of the advertising business.

Note: “Madison Avenue hype” carries the connotation of misrepresentation or deliberate dishonesty.


: Madison Avenue hype

noun phrase

The values, behavior, business, milieu, etc, of advertising and public relations (1950s+)


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