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[mah-doo-rah] /mɑˈdu rɑ/



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  • Madon

    strife, a Canaanitish city in the north of Palestine (Josh. 11:1; 12:19), whose king was slain by Joshua; perhaps the ruin Madin, near Hattin, some 5 miles west of Tiberias.

  • Madonna

    [muh-don-uh] /məˈdɒn ə/ noun 1. the Virgin Mary (usually preceded by the). 2. a picture or statue representing the Virgin Mary. 3. (lowercase) Archaic. an Italian title of formal address to a woman. /məˈdɒnə/ noun 1. (mainly RC Church) a designation of the Virgin Mary 2. (sometimes not capital) a picture or statue of the […]

  • Madonna-and-child

    noun, Fine Arts. 1. a representation of the Virgin Mary holding the infant Jesus.

  • Madonna-lily

    noun 1. a lily, Lilium candidum, having clusters of pure white, bell-shaped flowers. noun 1. a perennial widely cultivated Mediterranean lily plant, Lilium candidum, with white trumpet-shaped flowers Also called Annunciation lily

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