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[mey-ter-lingk; French ma-ter-lan; Flemish mah-ter-lingk] /ˈmeɪ tərˌlɪŋk; French ma tɛrˈlɛ̃; Flemish ˈmɑ tɛrˌlɪŋk/

Comte Maurice
[French moh-rees] /French moʊˈris/ (Show IPA), 1862–1947, Belgian poet, dramatist, and essayist: Nobel prize 1911.
/ˈmeɪtəˌlɪŋk; French mɛtɛrlɛ̃k/
Comte Maurice (mɔris). 1862–1949, Belgian poet and dramatist, noted particularly for his symbolist plays, such as Pelléas et Mélisande (1892), which served as the basis for an opera by Debussy, and L’Oiseau bleu (1909). Nobel prize for literature 1911


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