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[mag] /mæg/
Computers. a plastic or paper card with a magnetizable layer on which data can be recorded and from which data can be read.
such a card used in access-control systems, as for automatically unlocking doors.


Read Also:

  • Magnetic character reader

    noun 1. a device that automatically scans and interprets characters printed with magnetic ink. It operates by the process of magnetic character recognition

  • Magnetic-chart

    noun, Navigation. 1. a chart showing the magnetic properties of a portion of the earth’s surface, as dip, variation, and intensity.

  • Magnetic-circuit

    noun, Physics. 1. the closed path described by magnetic flux. It is analogous to the electric circuit with resistance, where flux, reluctance, and magnetomotive force correspond to electric current, resistance, and electromotive force.

  • Magnetic-compass

    noun 1. a compass having a magnetized needle generally in line with the magnetic poles of the earth. noun 1. a compass containing a magnetic needle pivoted in a horizontal plane, that indicates the direction of magnetic north at points on the earth’s surface

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