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Magnetic constant

the permeability of free space, which has the value 4π × 10–7 henry per metre M0 Also called absolute permeability


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  • Magnetic-core

    noun 1. Computers. 1 (def 12a). 2. Electricity. 1 (def 3).

  • Magnetic-course

    noun, Navigation. 1. a course whose bearing is given relative to the magnetic meridian of the area. noun 1. an aircraft’s course in relation to the magnetic north Also called magnetic heading

  • Magnetic dipole

    magnetic dipole A model of an object that generates a magnetic field in which the field is considered to emanate from two opposite poles, as in the north and south poles of a magnet, much as an electric field emanates from a positive and a negative charge (each of which is a monopole) in an […]

  • Magnetic dipole moment

    noun 1. a measure of the magnetic strength of a magnet or current-carrying coil, expressed as the torque per unit magnetic-flux density produced when the magnet or coil is set with its axis perpendicular to the magnetic field m, j Also called magnetic moment Compare electromagnetic moment magnetic dipole moment A vector quantity associated with […]

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