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the process of reading characters printed in magnetic ink MICR


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  • Magnetic-intensity

    noun, Electricity. 1. that part of the magnetic induction that is determined at any point in space by the current density and displacement current at that point independently of the magnetic or other physical properties of the surrounding medium. Symbol: H. magnetic intensity See magnetic field strength.

  • Magnetic-lens

    noun 1. Physics. an electron lens using magnetic fields for focusing an electron beam. noun 1. a set of magnets, esp electromagnets, used to focus or defocus a beam of charged particles in an electron microscope, particle accelerator, or similar device

  • Magnetic-levitation

    noun 1. the suspension of an object above or below a second object by means of magnetic repulsion or attraction. 2. Railroads. the suspension of a vehicle above or below a suitable guide rail by such means, often with the vehicle being propelled by a linear induction motor. A process by which a magnet moving […]

  • Magnetic memory storage

    A system of storing information through the alignment of small grains in a magnetic material. Once the grains have been aligned by an external magnetic field, the information remains stored for long periods of time. This is the technique used in the hard drives of computers as well as in magnetic tape.

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