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a hypothetical very heavy particle with an isolated magnetic north pole or magnetic south pole.
another name for monopole (sense 2)


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  • Magnetic-needle

    noun 1. a slender magnetized steel rod that, when adjusted to swing in a horizontal plane, as in a compass, indicates the direction of the earth’s magnetic fields or the approximate position of north and south. noun 1. a slender magnetized rod used in certain instruments, such as the magnetic compass, for indicating the direction […]

  • Magnetic-north

    noun 1. north as indicated by a magnetic compass, differing in most places from true north. noun 1. the direction in which a compass needle points, at an angle (the declination) from the direction of true (geographic) north magnetic north The direction toward which the north-seeking arrow of a compass points. ◇ The magnetic north […]

  • Magnetic particle inspection

    noun 1. (engineering) a method of testing for cracks and other defects in a magnetic material, such as steel, by covering it with a magnetic powder and magnetizing it: any variation in the concentration of the powder indicates a flaw in the material

  • Magnetic-pickup

    noun 1. a phonograph pickup in which the vibrations of the stylus cause variations in or motions of a coil in a magnetic field that produces corresponding variations in an electrical voltage.

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