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Magnetic tape drive

(Or “tape drive”) A peripheral device that reads and writes magnetic tape.


Read Also:

  • Magnetic tape unit

    noun 1. a computer device that moves reels of magnetic tape past read-write heads so that data can be transferred to or from the computer

  • Magnetic-wire

    noun 1. a fine wire made from a magnetizable metal and used for wire recording.

  • Magnetic wood

    noun 1. wood containing fine particles of nickel-zinc ferrite which absorb microwave radio signals, used to line rooms where mobile phone use is undesirable

  • Magnetise

    [mag-ni-tahyz] /ˈmæg nɪˌtaɪz/ verb (used with object), magnetized, magnetizing. 1. to make a of or impart the properties of a to. 2. to exert an attracting or compelling influence upon: The evangelist’s oratory magnetized his listeners. 3. Archaic. to mesmerize. /ˈmæɡnɪˌtaɪz/ verb (transitive) 1. to make (a substance or object) magnetic 2. to attract strongly […]

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