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noun, Electricity.
noun, Electricity.
that part of the magnetic induction that is determined at any point in space by the current density and displacement current at that point independently of the magnetic or other physical properties of the surrounding medium. Symbol: H.
magnetic intensity
See magnetic field strength.


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  • Magneto

    [mag-nee-toh] /mægˈni toʊ/ noun, plural magnetos. Electricity. 1. a small electric generator with an armature that rotates in a magnetic field provided by permanent magnets, as a generator supplying ignition current for certain types of internal combustion engines or a hand-operated generator for telephone signaling. 1. a combining form representing magnetic, or magnetism, in compound […]

  • Magnetoacoustics

    [mag-nee-toh-uh-koo-stiks] /mægˌni toʊ əˈku stɪks/ noun 1. (used with a singular verb) the branch of physics studying the effects of magnetism on acoustics or their interaction. 2. (used with a plural verb) acoustics generated by the movement of an electrical conductor in a magnetic field.

  • Magnetocaloric-effect

    [mag-nee-toh-kuh-lawr-ik, -lor-] /mægˌni toʊ kəˈlɔr ɪk, -ˈlɒr-/ noun, Physics. 1. an increase or decrease of the temperature of a thermally isolated magnetic substance accompanying an increase or decrease in the intensity of a magnetic field.

  • Magnetochemistry

    [mag-nee-toh-kem-uh-stree] /mægˌni toʊˈkɛm ə stri/ noun 1. the study of magnetic and chemical phenomena in their relation to one another. /mæɡˌniːtəʊˈkɛmɪstrɪ/ noun 1. the branch of chemistry concerned with the relationship between magnetic and chemical properties

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