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[mag-nee-toh-strik-shuh n] /mægˌni toʊˈstrɪk ʃən/

noun, Physics.
a change in dimensions exhibited by ferromagnetic materials when subjected to a magnetic field.
a change in dimensions of a ferromagnetic material that is subjected to a magnetic field
The change in shape and density of a substance, especially a ferromagnetic substance, when exposed to a magnetic field. The change depends on the direction and strength of the magnetic field. Rapid, alternating magnetostriction causes the iron cores of household transformers, which are subject to a changing magnetic field, to hum or buzz.


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    storage, history An early storage device that used tensioned wires of nickel alloy carrying longitudinal waves produced and detected electromagnetically. They had better storage behaviour than mercury delay lines. [H. Epstein and O.B. Stram, “A High Performance Magnetostriction-Sonic Delay Line,” Transactions, Institute of Radio Engineers, Professional Group on Ultrasonic Engineering, 1957, pp. 1-24]. (2002-11-08)

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