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Magnolia metal

(engineering) an alloy used for bearings, consisting largely of lead (up to 80 per cent) and antimony, with the addition of smaller quantities of iron and tin


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  • Magnolia-state

    noun 1. Mississippi (used as a nickname).

  • Magnolia-warbler

    noun 1. a black and yellow wood warbler, Dendroica magnolia, of North America.

  • Magnoliid

    magnoliid (māg-nō’lē-ĭd) Any of a heterogenous group of angiosperms that are neither eudicotyledons nor monocotyledons, and are considered to retain the characteristics of more primitive angiosperms, such as flowers with fewer or less differentiated parts. Magnoliids have embryos with two cotyledons (like the eudicotyledons) and pollen with a single pore (like the monocotyledons). Magnolias, laurel, […]

  • Magnox

    /ˈmæɡnɒks/ noun 1. an alloy consisting mostly of magnesium with small amounts of aluminium and other metals, used in fuel elements of nuclear reactors

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