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Alfred Thayer
[they-er] /ˈθeɪ ər/ (Show IPA), 1840–1914, U.S. naval officer and writer on naval history.
Historical Examples

Admiral Mahan pleaded long with his country for an adequate navy.
Defenseless America Hudson Maxim

Captain Mahan’s chosen example is the British occupation of Egypt.
Expository Writing Mervin James Curl

But has not the Sultan a complete defense, according to Captain Mahan’s doctrine?
Expository Writing Mervin James Curl

We have seen what happened, for instance, in the case of Admiral Mahan.
The Fruits of Victory Norman Angell

This year he took the agency for the Mahan pecan and has sold quite a number at $5 each, with one order for twenty trees.
Northern Nut Growers Association Thirty-Fourth Annual Report 1943 Various

Tirpitz had been deeply impressed by the writings of Admiral Mahan.
Before the War Viscount Richard Burton Haldane

The well-known marine writer, Mahan, emphasizes the fact that a landing operation must be offensive to succeed.
Operations Upon the Sea Franz Edelsheim

Mahan lives in Natick, Massachusetts, where Donovan also has his home.
Football Days William H. Edwards

Mahan says, somewhere, that broadside fighting is going to pay with our low freeboards, because most shots go wrong in elevation.
A Fleet in Being Rudyard Kipling

Mahan himself says it was the worst day he ever had in his life, and he blames himself.
Football Days William H. Edwards


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