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[meyd-n-lee] /ˈmeɪd n li/

pertaining to, characteristic of, or befitting a :
a maidenly blush.
of or befitting a maiden

mid-15c., from maiden (n.) + -ly (1).


Read Also:

  • Maiden-name

    noun 1. a woman’s surname before her marriage. noun 1. a woman’s surname before marriage

  • Maiden-over

    noun 1. Cricket. an over in which no runs are made. noun 1. (cricket) an over in which no runs are scored

  • Maiden-pink

    noun 1. a turf-forming plant, Dianthus deltoides , found from western Europe to eastern Asia, having red or pink flowers.

  • Maiden-speech

    noun 1. the first speech made in a legislature by a newly elected member.

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