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a fear of childbirth; also written maieuticophobia

See maieuticophobia
Word Origin

Greek maieutic ‘obstetric’


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  • Maieutic

    [mey-yoo-tik] /meɪˈyu tɪk/ adjective 1. of or relating to the method used by Socrates of eliciting knowledge in the mind of a person by interrogation and insistence on close and logical reasoning. /meɪˈjuːtɪk/ adjective 1. (philosophy) of or relating to the Socratic method of eliciting knowledge by a series of questions and answers

  • Maieuticophobia

    noun a fear of childbirth; also written maieusiophobia See maieusiophobia Word Origin Greek maieutic ‘obstetric’

  • Maigre

    [mey-ger; French me-gruh] /ˈmeɪ gər; French ˈmɛ grə/ adjective 1. containing neither flesh nor its juices, as food permissible on days of religious abstinence. /ˈmeɪɡə/ adjective (RC Church) 1. not containing flesh, and so permissible as food on days of religious abstinence: maigre food 2. of or designating such a day

  • Maihem

    [mey-hem] /ˈmeɪ hɛm/ noun 1. . /ˈmeɪhɛm/ noun 1. a variant spelling of mayhem

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