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[meyl-in] /ˈmeɪlˌɪn/

conducted or responding by mail:
a mail-in referendum.
something conducted or returned by mail, as a questionnaire or vote.


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  • Mailing

    [mey-ling] /ˈmeɪ lɪŋ/ noun 1. a batch of , as of form letters, catalogs, or monthly statements, sent by a at one time: an enthusiastic response to our latest mailing. [mey-ling] /ˈmeɪ lɪŋ/ noun, Scot. 1. a rented farm. 2. the rent paid by a tenant farmer. [meyl] /meɪl/ noun 1. letters, packages, etc., that […]

  • Mailing-list

    noun 1. a list of addresses to which mail, especially advertisements, can be sent. 2. Computers. noun 1. a register of names and addresses to which advertising matter, etc, is sent by post or electronic mail

  • Mailing-machine

    noun 1. a machine that prepares mail for sending, as by addressing, stamping, weighing, etc.

  • Mailing-tube

    noun 1. an elongated cylinder of cardboard, used for mailing rolled-up papers, magazines, etc.

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