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[meyn-tuh-nuh ns] /ˈmeɪn tə nəns/

the act of :
the maintenance of proper oral hygiene.
the state of being :
the maintenance of friendly relations with England.
care or upkeep, as of machinery or property:
With proper maintenance the car will last for many years.
means of upkeep, support, or subsistence; livelihood:
to provide a comfortable maintenance.
alimony or child support.
Law. an officious meddling in a suit in which the meddler has no interest, by assisting either party with means to prosecute or defend it.
Pharmacology, Psychiatry. administered to sustain a desired physiological or mental condition:
maintenance dose.
the act of maintaining or the state of being maintained
a means of support; livelihood
(modifier) of or relating to the maintaining of buildings, machinery, etc: maintenance man
(law) (formerly unlawful) the interference in a legal action by a person having no interest in it, as by providing funds to continue the action See also champerty
(law) a provision ordered to be made by way of periodical payments or a lump sum, as after a divorce for a spouse


mid-14c., “bearing, deportment,” from Old French maintenance “upkeep; shelter, protection,: from maintenir (see maintain). Meaning “action of upholding or keeping in being” is from early 15c. “Action of providing a person with the necessities of life” is from late 14c.

maintenance main·te·nance (mān’tə-nəns)
The extent to which a patient continues good health practices without professional supervision, as distinguished from adherence or compliance.


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