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[maj-uh-stee] /ˈmædʒ ə sti/

noun, plural majesties.
regal, lofty, or stately dignity; imposing character; grandeur:
majesty of bearing; the majesty of Chartres.
supreme greatness or authority; sovereignty:
All paid tribute to the majesty of Rome.
(usually initial capital letter) a title used when speaking of or to a sovereign (usually preceded by his, her, or your):
His Majesty’s Navy; Will your Majesty hear our petitions?
a royal personage, or royal personages collectively:
The royal wedding was attended by the majesties of Europe.
Christ in Majesty, a representation of Christ as ruler of the universe.
great dignity of bearing; loftiness; grandeur
supreme power or authority
an archaic word for royalty
noun (pl) -ties
(preceded by Your, His, Her, or Their) a title used to address or refer to a sovereign or the wife or widow of a sovereign

c.1300, “greatness, glory,” from Old French majeste “grandeur, nobility” (12c.), from Latin maiestatem (nominative maiestas) “greatness, dignity, elevation, honor, excellence,” from stem of maior (neuter maius), comparative of magnus “great” (see magnate). Earliest English us is with reference to God; as a title, in reference to kings and queens (late 14c.), it is from Romance languages and descends from the Roman Empire.


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