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Make a hash of something

verb phrase

To make a jumble of; mangle; botch: The newspapers made a total hash of what I had said (1735+)


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  • Make-ahead

    [meyk-uh-hed] /ˈmeɪk əˌhɛd/ adjective 1. that can be prepared in advance: a make-ahead casserole.

  • Make a hit

    verb phrase To be successful; be received with approval, gratitude, etc: She made a hit with my family (1829+) 1. Also, be a hit. Achieve (or be) a success, especially a popular one, as in She made a big hit in this performance, or In out-of-town tryouts the play was already a hit. This seemingly […]

  • Make a killing

    verb phrase To get a large, quick profit; win hugely: Where did he get all that money? Made a killing on the stock market, he says (1888+) Enjoy a large and quick profit, as in They made a killing in real estate. This expression alludes to a hunter’s success. [ ; late 1800s ]

  • Make a laughingstock of

    Lay open to ridicule, as in They made a laughingstock of the chairman by inviting him to the wrong meeting-place, or She felt she was making a laughingstock of herself, always wearing the wrong clothes for the occasion. The noun laughingstock replaced the earlier mockingstock and sportingstock, now obsolete. The idiom was first recorded in […]

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