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Make a note of

Write down so as to remember; also, remember. For example, I’ll make a note of the fact that the tires are low. Shakespeare used this term in slightly different form in The Two Gentlemen of Verona (2:7): “Go with me to my chamber to take a note of what I stand in need.”


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  • Make a nuisance of oneself

    Bother or annoy others, as in That child is making a nuisance of himself.

  • Make a pass at

    1. Flirt or make advances to someone, especially of a sexual nature, as in “Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses” (Dorothy Parker, Not So Deep As A Well, 1936). [ 1920s ] 2. Also, take a pass at. Make an attempt, as in I’ve made a pass at opening it but had […]

  • Make a pass at someone

    verb phrase To make a sexual advance; proposition, PUT A MOVE ON someone: He got high one time and made a pass at her [1928+; fr early 1800s in the sense of ”strike at, attack”]

  • Make a pig of oneself

    Overeat, as in I really made a pig of myself at the buffet. [ ; 1940s ] Also see: pig out

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