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Make a statement

Create a certain impression; communicate an idea or mood without using words. For example, The furnishings here make a statement about the company. [ Mid-1900s ]


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  • Make a stink

    verb phrase To exhibit anger, indignation, fiery temper, hysterics, etc, in a public outburst: I asked her to be quiet and not make a scene/ Why don’t these pay cable services make a public stink about the Time Inc-Manhattan Cable monopoly?/ ”I never made a big stink about it,” says Righetti (entry form 1804+, variant […]

  • Make a thing of

    verb To overexaggerate the importance of something •Usu used in the nega-tive: Don’t make a thing about my going to Monday Night Football (1934+)

  • Make away

    verb (intransitive, adverb) 1. to depart in haste 2. make away with

  • Makeba

    /məˈkeɪbə/ noun 1. Miriam. 1932–2008, South African singer and political activist; banned from South Africa from 1960 to 1990

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