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Make it with someone

verb phrase


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  • Make kissy-face

    verb phrase To purse the lips and imitate a kiss; give an ”air kiss”: Rush guffaws, he blusters, he bats his eyes, he makes kissy-face (1980s+)

  • Makeless

    [meyk-lis] /ˈmeɪk lɪs/ adjective, Archaic. 1. having no mate or match. adj. early 13c., “peerless, without equal,” from make (n.) + -less. Meaning “mateless, widowed” is from early 15c.

  • Make-light-of

    [lahyt] /laɪt/ adjective, lighter, lightest. 1. of little weight; not heavy: a light load. 2. of little weight in proportion to bulk; of low specific gravity: a light metal. 3. of less than the usual or average weight: light clothing. 4. weighing less than the proper or standard amount: to be caught using light weights […]

  • Makemie

    [muh-kem-ee, -key-mee] /məˈkɛm i, -ˈkeɪ mi/ noun 1. Francis, 1658?–1708, American Presbyterian clergyman, born in Ireland: founded the first Presbyterian church in America.

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