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Make the best of it

Also, make the best of a bad bargain. Adapt as well as possible to a bad situation, bad luck, or similar circumstances, as in Jeff ended up in a cabin without his friends, but decided to make the best of it, or She got the worst possible position, but Dad told her to make the best of a bad bargain. The first term dates from the first half of the 1600s. The second appeared in John Ray’s proverb collection of 1670 and coexisted for a time with variants such as make the best of a bad game and make the best of a bad market, which have died out.


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  • Make the cheese more binding

    verb phrase To make things more difficult or complicated; clutter or snarl the matter: And just to make the cheese more binding, they’re also sold through mail order [1960s+; a humorous pun based on the fact that cheese is thought to be binding, ”constipating,” and certain elements of a situation are also binding, ”constraining”]

  • Make the cut

    verb phrase To survive an elimination when a team or group is being chosen: those mediocre actresses even made the cut (1980s+ fr sports)

  • Make the sparks fly

    Start a fight or argument, as in If Mary finds out he went to the races without her, that will make the sparks fly. In this idiom, the small particles of a fire called sparks are transferred to an inflammatory situation. [ Early 1900s ]

  • Make time with someone

    verb phrase To succeed sexually with someone, esp to make or approach a rapid conquest: He was making time with Ezra’s girl (1934+)

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