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[mah-lah fee-de; English mey-luh fahy-dee] /ˈmɑ lɑ ˈfi dɛ; English ˈmeɪ lə ˈfaɪ di/

adverb, Latin.
in bad faith; not genuine.
[mah-lah fee-des; English mey-luh fahy-deez] /ˈmɑ lɑ ˈfi dɛs; English ˈmeɪ lə ˈfaɪ diz/
noun, Latin.
bad faith; intent to cheat or deceive.
Compare (def 1).
(Hinduism) a string of beads or knots, used in praying and meditating
/ˈmælə ˈfaɪdɪ/
undertaken in bad faith

in Buddhism, a string of beads used in meditation, esp. for counting recitations; a Buddhist rosary

Malas come in various lengths, mainly in 108- and 27-bead strands.
Word Origin

Sanskrit ‘garland trengwa’

mala ma·la (mā’lə)
n. pl. ma·lae (-lē)
The cheek.


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