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[muh-ley-shuh, -shee-uh, -see-uh] /məˈleɪ ʃə, -ʃi ə, -si ə/

noun, Pathology.
softening, or loss of consistency, of an organ or tissue.
an abnormal craving for highly spiced food.
the pathological softening of an organ or tissue, such as bone

from Latin malacia “a calm at sea,” from Greek malakia “softness, delicacy, effeminacy,” from malakos “soft” (see mallet).

malacotic mal·a·cot·ic (māl’ə-kŏt’ĭk)
Relating to or characterized by malacia.

malacia ma·la·ci·a (mə-lā’shē-ə, -shə)
A softening or loss of consistency in any of the organs or tissues. Also called malacosis, mollities.


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