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Malignant anemia

malignant anemia n.
See pernicious anemia.


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  • Malignant

    [muh-lig-nuh nt] /məˈlɪg nənt/ adjective 1. disposed to cause harm, suffering, or distress deliberately; feeling or showing ill will or hatred. 2. very dangerous or harmful in influence or effect. 3. Pathology. /məˈlɪɡnənt/ adjective 1. having or showing desire to harm others 2. tending to cause great harm; injurious 3. (pathol) (of a tumour) uncontrollable […]

  • Malignant bubo

    malignant bubo n. The bubo associated with bubonic plague.

  • Malignant ciliary epithelioma

    malignant ciliary epithelioma n. A malignant proliferation of ciliary epithelium that frequently includes the infiltration of the pigmented layer. Also called adult medulloepithelioma.

  • Malignant fibrous histiocytoma

    malignant fibrous histiocytoma n. A deeply situated tumor, especially on the extremities of adults, frequently recurring after surgery and metastasizing to the lungs.

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