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Bronislaw Kasper
[bron-uh-slahf kas-per;; Polish braw-nee-slahf kahs-puh r] /ˈbrɒn əˌslɑf ˈkæs pər;; Polish brɔˈni slɑf ˈkɑs pər/ (Show IPA), 1884–1942, Polish anthropologist in the U.S.
Contemporary Examples

Obama’s Human Rights Chief Missing in Action Josh Rogin March 26, 2014
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Historical Examples

Warning from the Stars Ron Cocking

Bronislaw Kasper (brɔˈnislaf ˈkaspɛr). 1884–1942, Polish anthropologist in England and the US, who researched into the sexual behaviour of primitive people in New Guinea and Melanesia


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