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white cast iron that has been malleablized.


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  • Malleable-iron

    noun 1. . 2. . noun 1. Also called malleable cast iron. cast iron that has been toughened by gradual heating or slow cooling 2. a less common name for wrought iron

  • Malleablize

    [mal-ee-uh-blahyz] /ˈmæl i əˌblaɪz/ verb (used with object), malleablized, malleablizing. 1. to make (white cast iron) by annealing it so that the carbon is transformed to graphite or removed completely.

  • Malleate

    [mal-ee-eyt] /ˈmæl iˌeɪt/ verb (used with object), malleated, malleating. 1. to beat or shape with a hammer, as in metalworking.

  • Mallee

    [mal-ee] /ˈmæl i/ noun 1. any of various dwarf Australian eucalyptuses, as Eucalyptus dumosa and E. oleosa, that sometimes form large tracts of brushwood. 2. the brushwood itself. /ˈmæliː/ noun 1. any of several low shrubby eucalyptus trees that flourish in desert regions of Australia 2. (Austral, informal) the mallee, another name for the bush1 […]

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