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malleotomy mal·le·ot·o·my (māl’ē-ŏt’ə-mē)


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  • Mallet

    [mal-it] /ˈmæl ɪt/ noun 1. a hammerlike tool with a head commonly of wood but occasionally of rawhide, plastic, etc., used for driving any tool with a wooden handle, as a chisel, or for striking a surface. 2. the wooden implement used to strike the balls in croquet. 3. Polo. the long-handled stick, or club, […]

  • Mallet finger

    mallet finger mal·let finger (māl’ĭt) n. See baseball finger.

  • Male pattern alopecia

    male pattern alopecia n. See alopecia hereditaria.

  • Mallon

    [mal-uh n] /ˈmæl ən/ noun 1. Mary (“Typhoid Mary”) 1869?–1938, U.S. cook, born in Ireland: known immune carrier of typhoid fever who infected many with the disease, institutionalized in 1914.

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