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[mawlt] /mɔlt/

germinated grain, usually barley, used in brewing and distilling.
any alcoholic beverage, as beer, ale, or , fermented from malt.
whisky, as Scotch, that is distilled entirely from malted barley.
(def 2).
verb (used with object)
to convert (grain) into malt by soaking it in water and allowing it to germinate.
to treat or mix with malt, , etc.
to make (liquor) with malt.
verb (used without object)
to become malt.
to produce malt from grain.
a building in which malt is made or stored Also called malt house
cereal grain, such as barley, that is kiln-dried after it has germinated by soaking in water
See malt liquor
short for malt whisky
to make into or become malt
to make (something, esp liquor) with malt

Old English malt (Anglian), mealt (West Saxon), from Proto-Germanic *maltam (cf. Old Norse malt, Old Saxon malt, Middle Dutch, Dutch mout, Old High German malz, German Malz “malt”), from PIE *meld- (cf. melt), extended form of root *mel- “soft,” probably via notion of “softening” the grain by steeping it in water before brewing. Finnish mallas, Old Church Slavonic mlato are considered to be borrowed from Germanic.

mid-15c., “to convert grain to malt,” from malt (n.). Meaning + “to make with malt” is from c.1600. Related: Malted; malting. Malt liquor (which is fermented, not brewed) first attested 1690s. Malted “a drink with malted milk” is from 1945.

MALT (môlt)
Mucosal-associated with lymphoid tissue; rare type of lymphoma of the stomach that may be associated with infection by the bacteria Helicobacter pylori. Also called MALT lymphoma.


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