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malunion mal·un·ion (māl-yōōn’yən)
Incomplete union or union in a faulty position after a fracture or wound.


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  • Malus

    noun the return of performance-related compensation upon the discovery of deficient performance Examples There is a malus clause in his contract.

  • Malus-law

    [muh-loos; French ma-lys] /məˈlus; French maˈlüs/ noun, Optics. 1. the law stating that the intensity of a beam of plane-polarized light after passing through a rotatable polarizer varies as the square of the cosine of the angle through which the polarizer is rotated from the position that gives maximum intensity.

  • Malvaceous

    [mal-vey-shuh s] /mælˈveɪ ʃəs/ adjective 1. belonging to the Malvaceae, the mallow family of plants. /mælˈveɪʃəs/ adjective 1. of, relating to, or belonging to the Malvaceae, a family of plants that includes mallow, cotton, okra, althaea, and abutilon

  • Malvasia

    [mal-vuh-see-uh] /ˌmæl vəˈsi ə/ noun 1. a sweet grape from which malmsey wine is made. /ˌmælvəˈsɪə/ noun 1. another word for malmsey 2. the type of grape used to make malmsey

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