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[mam] /mæm/

British Informal. mother.
(informal or dialect) another word for mother1


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  • Mama

    [mah-muh; for 1 also muh-mah] /ˈmɑ mə; for 1 also məˈmɑ/ noun 1. Informal. 1 . 2. Slang. /məˈmɑː/ noun 1. (old-fashioned) an informal word for mother1 1707, spelling variant of mamma. Meaning “sexually attractive woman” first recorded 1925 in black slang; mama’s boy “soft, effeminate male” is from 1901. noun Related Terms red-hot mama, […]

  • Mama-and-papa

    Related Terms mom-and-pop

  • Mamaguy

    /ˈmɑːməˌɡaɪ/ verb 1. (transitive) to deceive or tease, either in jest or by deceitful flattery noun 2. an instance of such deception or flattery

  • Mamaku

    /ˈmɑːmɑːkuː/ noun (pl) mamaku 1. a tall edible New Zealand tree fern, Cyathea medullaris, with a black trunk Also called black tree fern

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