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[mam-uh-look] /ˈmæm əˌluk/

a member of a military class, originally composed of slaves, that seized control of the Egyptian sultanate in 1250, ruled until 1517, and remained powerful until massacred or dispersed by Mehemet Ali in 1811.
(lowercase) (in Muslim countries) a slave.
a member of a military class, originally of Turkish slaves, ruling in Egypt from about 1250 to 1517 and remaining powerful until crushed in 1811
(in Muslim countries) a slave

Egyptian dynasty 1254-1517, originally a military unit comprised of Caucasian slaves, from Middle French mameluk and directly from Arabic mamluk “purchased slave,” literally “possessed,” from past participle of malaka “he possessed” (cf. Arabic malik, Hebrew melekh “king”).


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