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having nipples or nipple-like protuberances

mamillate mam·il·late (mām’ə-lāt’) or mam·mil·lat·ed (-lā’tĭd)
Having nipplelike projections.


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  • Mamillation

    mamillation mam·il·la·tion (mām’ə-lā’shən) n.

  • Mamilliform

    mamilliform ma·mil·li·form (mā-mĭl’ə-fôrm’) adj. Nipple-shaped.

  • Mamillothalamic fascicle

    mamillothalamic fascicle ma·mil·lo·tha·lam·ic fascicle (mə-mĭl’ō-thə-lām’ĭk, mām’ə-lō-) n. A thick compact bundle of nerve fibers that passes from the mamillary body on either side to the anterior nucleus of the thalamus. Also called Vicq d’Azyr’s bundle.

  • Mamma

    [mah-muh, muh-mah] /ˈmɑ mə, məˈmɑ/ noun 1. . [mam-uh] /ˈmæm ə/ noun, plural mammae [mam-ee] /ˈmæm i/ (Show IPA), for 1; mamma for 2. 1. Anatomy, Zoology. a structure, characteristic of mammals, that comprises one or more glands with an associated nipple or teat, usually rudimentary unless developed and activated for the secretion of milk […]

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