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[muh-mal-uh-jee] /məˈmæl ə dʒi/

the science dealing with .
the branch of zoology concerned with the study of mammals
(mā-māl’ə-jē, -mŏl’-)
The scientific study of mammals.


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  • Mammals

    [mam-uh l] /ˈmæm əl/ noun 1. any vertebrate of the class Mammalia, having the body more or less covered with hair, nourishing the young with milk from the mammary glands, and, with the exception of the egg-laying monotremes, giving birth to live young. /ˈmæməl/ noun 1. any animal of the Mammalia, a large class of […]

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    /ˈmæmæˌplæstɪ/ noun (pl) -ties 1. cosmetic surgery to alter the size or shape of the breast mammaplasty mam·ma·plas·ty or mam·mo·plas·ty (mām’ə-plās’tē) n. Reconstructive or cosmetic plastic surgery to alter the size or shape of the breast.

  • Mammary

    [mam-uh-ree] /ˈmæm ə ri/ adjective, Anatomy, Zoology. 1. of or relating to the or breast. /ˈmæmərɪ/ adjective 1. of, relating to, or like a mamma or breast adj. 1680s, from French mammaire (18c.), from Latin mamma “breast,” probably from the child’s word for “mother” (see mamma). mammary mam·ma·ry (mām’ə-rē) adj. Of or relating to a […]

  • Mammary-artery

    noun 1. . noun, Anatomy. 1. any of several arteries that distribute blood to the muscles and organs of the thorax: used as a replacement artery in coronary bypass surgery. mammary artery n. The internal thoracic artery or the lateral thoracic artery. thoracic artery n.

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