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Mammary line

mammary line n.
A transverse line drawn between the two nipples.


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  • Mammectomy

    [muh-mek-tuh-mee] /məˈmɛk tə mi/ noun, plural mammectomies. Surgery. 1. . mammectomy mam·mec·to·my (mā-měk’tə-mē) n. See mastectomy.

  • Mammary ridge

    mammary ridge n. A bandlike thickening of ectoderm in the embryo extending from just below the axilla to the inguinal region and giving rise to the mammary glands. Also called mammary fold, milk line.

  • Mammee

    [mah-mey, -mee] /mɑˈmeɪ, -ˈmi/ noun 1. a tall, tropical American tree, Mammea americana, having thick, glossy leaves and fragrant white flowers. 2. the usually round, edible fruit of this tree, having a russet-colored rind and yellow, juicy flesh. 3. . /mæˈmiː/ noun 1. a variant spelling of mamey

  • Mammer

    [mam-er] /ˈmæm ər/ verb (used without object), British Dialect. 1. to stammer or mutter. 2. to hesitate; be undecided; waver in determination.

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