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Man of sin

a designation of Antichrist given in 2 Thess. 2:3-10, usually regarded as descriptive of the Papal power; but “in whomsoever these distinctive features are found, whoever wields temporal and spiritual power in any degree similar to that in which the man of sin is here described as wielding it, he, be he pope or potentate, is beyond all doubt a distinct type of Antichrist.”


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  • Man-of-sorrows

    noun 1. (in Christian exegesis) an appellation of Jesus Christ as the suffering Savior. Isa. 53:3.

  • Man-of-straw

    noun 1. . noun 1. a person of little substance 2. (mainly US) Also called straw man. a person used as a cover for some dubious plan or enterprise; front man 3. a man who cannot be relied upon to honour his financial commitments, esp because of his limited resources

  • Man-of-the-cloth

    noun 1. a clergyman or other ecclesiastic.

  • Man-of-the-earth

    [man-uh v-th ee-urth, -urth] /ˈmæn əv ðiˌɜrθ, -ˈɜrθ/ noun, plural men-of-the-earth, man-of-the-earths. 1. a morning glory, Ipomoea pandurata, of eastern North America, having white flowers and a very large, tuberous root.

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