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the act or manner of ; handling, direction, or control.
skill in ; executive ability:
great management and tact.
the person or persons controlling and directing the affairs of a business, institution, etc.:
The store is under new management.
executives collectively, considered as a class (distinguished from ).
Contemporary Examples

That might seem an odd suggestion given that Ware is leading the protests against Walmart management.
Pushing for Justice at Walmart Sally Kohn December 15, 2013

“management” in this situation means issuing permits for trophy grizzly hunts.
What It Takes to Kill a Grizzly Bear Doug Peacock November 22, 2014

Over the past 11 years management has eliminated about 40,000 jobs.
One Company, 23 Suicides Eric Pape September 17, 2009

His desk mate said “I hope to work in management, organization, and staffing.”
How I’ll End the War: Making Collage Art With Afghan Students Nick Willard May 28, 2014

For many Walmart employees, working through the holiday season is both an economic necessity and an edict from management.
Walmart’s Black Thanksgiving Woes Daniel Gross, Nico Hines November 28, 2013

Historical Examples

In 1858, an attempt was made to save it by revolutionizing its constitution and management.
Cleveland Past and Present Maurice Joblin

It ought to have been a very profitable Bank, if he had much to do with its management.
Little Dorrit Charles Dickens

The salaries and expenses of management amount to £1,307 4s.
Humorous Readings and Recitations Various

Yet Government ownership and management of railroads also has its drawbacks.
The Railroad Question William Larrabee

The boy says her foremast is gone, and they have lost all management of her.
Orange and Green G. A. Henty

the members of the executive or administration of an organization or business See also line management, middle management, top management
managers or employers collectively
the technique, practice, or science of managing, controlling or dealing with: anger management
the skilful or resourceful use of materials, time, etc
the specific treatment of a disease, disorder, etc

1590s, “act of managing,” from manage + -ment. Meaning “governing body” (originally of a theater) is from 1739.

The body of individuals who run major businesses, usually without owning them but often with the reward of stock options.

1. Corporate power elites distinguished primarily by their distance from actual productive work and their chronic failure to manage (see also suit). Spoken derisively, as in “*Management* decided that …”.
2. Mythically, a vast bureaucracy responsible for all the world’s minor irritations. Hackers’ satirical public notices are often signed “The Mgt”; this derives from the “Illuminatus!” novels.
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